The Pause: Episode 6 – A Chat on Healing with Tina Hayden

“Nature doesn’t live in fear of the future.
And it doesn’t live in the past trauma.”

~Tina Hayden, 
The Hayden Heals Foundation

This week Dawna’s guest is Tina Hayden of The Hayden Heals Foundation.

The two discuss the mission of the Foundation, the people it serves, as well as Tina’s own healing journey which led to its foundation.

Are you a practitioner educated in alternative healing modalities or familiar with being of support to those experiencing cancer, Alzheimer’s or MS and would like to assist the Hayden Heals Foundation to grow and expand? Tina can be contacted on the Hayden Heals Facebook page or via email.

Next week, Dawna will welcome a surprise guest to the podcast.

Hope to see you there!

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