Miracles, Everyday: A to Z Blogging Challenge

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We live in a magical world. One where there is always a “miracle” around the next corner. The challenge for we as humans is that it is in our own nature not to see it.

See, we are wired for self-preservation. As a result, we keep an “eye out” for things that are “out of the ordinary” as well as those things that could harm us. When we become accustomed or comfortable with something, we turn our attention elsewhere. This means that we begin to take the “ordinary” for granted, but that truly is where the magic of life exists.

Have you ever really stopped to think about what a miracle it is just to be alive???

YOU are a miracle as the product of one egg and one of MILLIONS of sperm.

If there had been any deviation, say another sperm with another egg, you would have been an entirely different person!

I find that absolutely amazing, don’t you?

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The transitions between night and day, the different seasons we experience… Those, too, are miracles, but we’ve experienced those cycles so many times in the course of our lives that they have become commonplace. We take them for granted. We just assume that tomorrow will always come, and remember the old saying about assuming.

One day, tomorrow won’t come. Even the next moment is not guaranteed to each and every one of us.

Big Moments

As humans we’re always looking toward the next “big moment”. The weekend. Vacation. It’s deeply ingrained into our society to the point that we never really stop to appreciate the “mundane” days lived in between. Therefore, we bypass the everyday miracles that do occur every day.

In her post on mindbodygreen.com, 10 Everyday Miracles, Roo Mulligan lists 10 miracles that occur everyday that we often overlook. A couple of them I’ve already mentioned.

  1. Just the fact that you are alive is a miracle!
  2. The sun comes up and the moon comes out.
  3. The seasons change.
  4. Random acts of kindness.
  5. All the different cultures of this world.
  6. No matter where you live, you see the same moon as everyone else.
  7. We have created amazing technology.
  8. Music!
  9. Your body works!
  10. Friendship.

Experiencing Miracles Firsthand

I would mention too the very universe in which we live is miraculous. Regardless the name by which you refer to it (God/dess, Spirit, etc.), there exists an intelligent force behind everything.

Have you ever taken a moment or even an entire day to play with it?

I once read a suggestion from one spiritual teacher… (I want to say that it was Sonia Choquette, but cannot locate the reference.) But, the suggestion was to have a “play-date” with Spirit/the Universe. Just go out and spend the day following the urgings of your Heart. Take time to “smell the roses”, to really see the beauty and magic that exists all around us. No big moments. Just life in all its simplicity.

Try it sometime!

I found that there was a lightness to the day. Freedom. Just following my Heart and doing what I felt inspired to do, rather than the things that I “had” to. Truly, each of us needs a day like that from time to time. Perhaps on a monthly basis.

Until next time, dear friend, may you experience miracles everyday, and when you do… take notice! Spirit always brings us more of what we notice. Why not choose to pay more attention to the miracles than what is not wanted? Because it’s always our choice.


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