Letters Home: Introduction

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The posts that follow in the “Letters Home” category are part of an emerging work of fiction. It is the story of one soul’s journey from the head to the Heart while still existing on this Earthly plane.

It is a “what if” type of story.

“What if, since the moment our soul prepared to embark on this journey into the physical realm, it sent something akin to a letter home to Source? (To end up in the Akashic Records, perhaps?) Much like a child leaving home for a trip to summer camp?”
“Letters Home are energetic communiques from one Spirit to Source as It makes the journeys through the world of physical form. They convey the joys, the sorrows, and everything in between from the perspective of ‘Higher Self’ as one female grows through the stages of life.”  
Please note: While some situations may closely resemble actual events, all is actually emerging from my imagination.


Letters Home posts will be published here on the CZS Publications website, however they are considered “Premium Content”. This means that followers of this site will need to be patrons (or subscribers through Patreon) at the $7 a month or higher level in order to access them.

Letters Home

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