Letters Home: Departure

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Dear Mother,

I do not even know where to begin. This, I believe, might be the most difficult letter ever to be written.

I AM so full of emotion. It is a wonderful sensation, yet I also find that it is so difficult to sort through.

I imagine you will be quite vexed with me once you receive this, and for that, I’m deeply sorry. I love you! And I know that no matter where I roam, you will always be with me.

As much as I love the home in which we dwell together, I find I must venture out on my own. Seek my own fortune. At least, for the time being.

I can no longer tolerate the not knowing. There are lands beyond our own realm. Seemingly ordinary, yet they are lands of illusion, in which all that is possible appears impossible. At least that is how they’ve been described to me.

I vow I will not be away from home long. Likely no later than dinner time tonight.* But, this is necessary. I must see these lands for myself! Experience them to the fullest!

How can I step into my role as your successor without first testing my mettle? Without first determining what I am capable of for myself? I need to experience these legendary lands first hand, for myself. I must know what I am capable of beyond the confines of Home.

What will I find once I reach my destination? I’m not certain. Perhaps nothing exists beyond our borders. Whatever is out there, though, I sense an adventure awaits me. One I Know in my heart of Hearts will somehow benefit both of us in the end.

Wish me luck and good fortune! I will see you soon.

Ever Your Loving Child

* There are those who believe that a single day that passes in Heaven is equivalent to a hundred years here on Earth.

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