Juggling Life aka Balance: A to Z Blogging Challenge

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by juggling acts. The expertise it must take to keep all the balls in the air and in proper fashion has to be quite difficult! And those who are courageous and skilled enough to successfully juggle chainsaws astounds me!

I’m something of a juggler myself. I mean, everything I’ve done since I crossed the threshold into adulthood sometimes amazes me. Particularly after I became a parent.

Granted, there have been many moments throughout the past quarter of a century when I surprised myself by how much I could shove into a single day. I’ve also experienced quite a few others when I felt as though I crashed and burned in spectacular fashion.

Balance, I’ve realized is one of my main “lessons” for this lifetime. Simply because – as an “Aries” – I can be so bad at it. I’m not 100% convinced with regard to Astrology, but I do recognize that my fire sign does sometimes add to the complexity of my challenge. Not only do I tend to “ooh-shiny” on things and eventually find myself going in multiple directions at once, but my focus can border on “obsession” at times. That is, of course, unless I remember to take a moment (or two or more) to recenter myself.

How do I do this?

Well, really, it’s something pretty simple. I would be amiss, though, if I didn’t admit, despite its simplicity, it has taken me quite a few years to get it to work in my own life. And there are still times when I need to be reminded to refer to it.

I created a list of my priorities.

I told you it was simple! But whenever I start to overload myself with activity (and when I remember to do it!) I look at my list. Sometimes I will refer to a physical copy. Others, I just do so on a mental level. But, it does help to weed out the “unnecessary” when I do so.

What does my list encompass?

At the top of the list is my spirituality.

Now, when I first added this to my list, it shared the #1 spot with my family. Over time, though, spirituality as a notion has evolved for me. Today, it represents my highest state of being One with who I AM beyond this realm. In addition, it encompasses all that goes into taking care of the human vessel I occupy – mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. Unless I put these things as my highest priority, I’m no good to anyone, least of all my family.

Of course, in the #2 spot is my family and friends who are like family.

Then, my home and, finally, my livelihood.

It’s a really generalized list, but it works for me. These are the “things” that are most important to me. By keeping them in mind as I get caught up with juggling life, they do help me to keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

What are your best tactics for juggling life and maintaining a good balance that works for you? I would love for you to share!

Until next time, dear friend, may you achieve a harmonious balance in your own life.


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