When Inspiration Hits: A Pause with Paws #GratitudeCircle

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I’ve been inspired to do something with animals for a bit of time now. Ever since my friend, Kathy Hawn, pointed out my gift is with animals. (On a side note: it was a “duh, Dawna!”  moment for me. Ever since I was little, animals have naturally gravitated to me. I’ve always had a “connection” with them. Even now… much to Dh’s chagrin.)

Since that point with Kathy, though, I’ve been exploring this connection more, and have discovered that I am able to communicate with animals beyond my own fur-babies. And as a Reiki practitioner and M/T, I’m able to channel healing energy to them. (And my own pack/pride has put me to the test as of late.)

I’ve been desiring to do something more, though, and The Paws (aka A Pause with Paws) was born. But, given the busy-ness related to getting the podcast up and running as of late, I really haven’t had much time or brain power to focus on it.

My bits of inspiration does come in spurts, though… I created a cover photo for The Paws Facebook page yesterday and changed the name.


Well, I realized with the podcast that “The Pause” isn’t as unique as I had first hoped. Which is why it has been lengthened to “The Pause with Dawna and Friends” (particularly in an attempt to get Spotify to approve and add it). The change gives it a little more distinction.

I wanted the same thing for The Paws. So, I lengthened it’s name to A Pause with Paws.

And that was when I received inspiration for the cover photo.

Animals relaxing!

At first, I started poking around Pixabay, which has become my go to for photos to use on the Internet. I found a few that I liked and actually considered using. That was, at least, until it dawned on me… Just like my kids, I have A LOT of pictures of my fur-babies sleeping. (Because they often get really comfortable.)

I was inspired! And quickly began sorting through my pictures.

Here’s the finished product! My fur-babies (and former fur-babies) stretched out in total comfort. Well, with the exception of Harry (the black lab). That was just a really happy moment in his life. (He was running around his own backyard. Something that he’d – unfortunately – not experienced a lot in his lifetime prior to that. And he had a really big stick to play with that day, which he’d loved just as much!)

So, while I’m not entirely certain what “A Pause with Paws” will become over time, I do know that the inspiration which will give life to it is accessible to me and will always make itself known when the time is right.

Until next time, dear friend, may inspiration rain down upon you in copious amounts!


[EDIT]: I quite nearly forgot! (My calendar didn’t remind me!) Today is the last Thursday of the month, which means it’s time for the Gratitude Circle with Vidya Sury over at Collecting Smiles!

This is my first month participating. My “excuse”, perhaps? I’m not yet in the swing of things.

But, as far as my post goes… What am I grateful for?

I’m grateful for Inspiration (being inspired, in-spirit).

I’ve consciously opened myself up to it more and more as of late, and it has not disappointed.

True, it does not always come when I’m wanting it to, but it always comes when the time is “right”. I guess the past couple of days have been that “right time”.

If you’re coming by from the Gratitude Circle…

Welcome! I’m grateful for your presence here. (Like what I did there? *grins*)

I’m Dawna, and I really look forward to connecting with you. Not just today, but in the future as well. Please leave a comment below so that I know you came by.

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