Inner Child: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Those of you who know me and the work I’m doing had to know that the Inner Child was going to be my ‘I’ topic. Why not? I believe it’s such an important topic.

The “Inner Child” has really gotten a bad rap. Does it really come as any surprise, though? Many of us are carting around ICs that have been wounded in one way or another. Either by others during our childhood or from us shutting it away once crossing the threshold into adulthood.

Take for instance the Disney movie Christropher Robin. I was amazed what a perfect example that was to illustrate my point. The Pooh Crew – to my way of thinking – symbolized Christopher’s Inner Child.

When Pooh showed up in London, Christopher really did treat him so horribly. So much so that I really did not like him for a good portion of the movie. Then when they were lost in the fog in the Hundred Acre Wood… Who treats Pooh Bear so terribly??

But, it really shows how many of us treat our Inner Children. As little more than than a nuisance.

The work that I do through Creatively Zen, I assist others to get in touch with what I refer to as our “Golden Child”.

Our Golden Child is innately the bright, beautiful, pure spirit we were when we first entered into this world. The being that found wonder and magic in everything it saw and experienced. We were so filled with joy just to be here. That was, of course, the dirt and grime of living settled upon us.

It occurs at a different point in each of our lives. Some of us had horrible, tragic childhoods. While others of us were surrounded by happiness and only experienced having the rung pulled out from underneath us once we reached adulthood.

No matter when it occurred, though, each of us still has that Golden Child within. It is our Higher Self, our “I AM”. It is always within us and is “above” this earthly life. Meaning that it is not susceptible to the garbage life can sometimes throw at us.

Even if we have to dig down deep to access her*, she is there, and it is she who is the key to living a joyful, magical life. With her help and influence, we can look at life and the world around us with curiosity and wonder. But, how do we do that?

The first thing we need to look at are those things that brought us pleasure as a child, how we preferred to experience life.

Marisa Peer – author, motivational speaker and therapist – says that by looking at what we enjoyed when we were between the ages of 7 and 14, we can determine what our life purpose is.

What did you like to do?

Getting in touch with that and doing a bit more of it, if you aren’t already, is definitely a good way to bring more than just a little joy into your own life.

Until next time, dear friend, allow your Golden Child to come out and enjoy life for awhile. It is, after all, the Fountain of Youth.


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This month I’m participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Not sure what the A to Z Blogging Challenge is? Check it out!You can also use this handy dandy little link to visit other participants. 


  1. Kaddu Reply

    Hey! Glad to connect with you through AtoZ. Didn’t realize there were any participants in the healing line. What kind of energy work are you into? I am a Reiki healer. I have started a new blog on it, but participating in AtoZ this year with my personal/lifestyle blog, which you visited a couple of days ago. And I’m glad now that you did! 🙂
    Hope to connect with you more.
    Find my I post @ 15 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Blog Content | How To Find New Post Ideas

    1. Dawna Kreis Post author Reply

      Hello, Kaddu! Thank you for coming by. I am trained in Reiki as well, but these days I just consider myself an “energetic healer” and go with my intuitive guidance when working with people or animals. 🙂 SO glad to connect with you as well!

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