Energy and Perception: A to Z Blogging Challenge

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We’re taught from a young age that energy is finite and “expensive”. At that point in our life, it’s difficult to comprehend. How, we wonder, can it be the case? Innately, we know that everything is made of energy and, therefore, is actually infinite.

Once we become adults, we learn this lesson in a more personal and profound way. It is “finite” because we never seem to have enough energy to do all that we desire and “have” to do.

And we recognize it as “expensive” because, if we do not have the energy to do all that we “must”, it could cost us our job. Even our health, if we push our way on through the fatigue.

As adults, we often wish for the energy of a toddler or preschooler. What I believe we fail to realize is that kind of energy is available and ours for the taking.

When we are young, there are often adults making sure we get the nutrition we need. Yet, when we become adults, often our diets suffer due to a lack of time or even energy. “I’m too tired to cook tonight.” Which becomes a vicious cycle.

“I’m too tired to cook.” So, we end up having a less than healthy meal. As a result, we don’t get the nutrition our body really needs, which causes us to feel drained and depleted. Rinse and repeat.

In addition to poor diet (which I must admit I’m guilty of at times), we as adults have many “have-tos” and “shoulds” in our lives. Much of what we do is viewed as an obligation, rather than a “get to”, which helps to create a sense of excitement.

As children, though, this is a foreign concept. The entirety of the world and everything in it is part and parcel to an adventure. Each day is filled with a sense of magic and exploration. This is the secret to youth and why it can – sometimes – be so difficult to get our kids to fall asleep at night. After all, why would you want to sleep when you’re experiencing the greatest adventure ever known to man???

I truly believe that this is akin to the Fountain of Youth – improvement of diet and a lack of obligation in our lives.

“That’s all well and good”, you may say, “but I have to work. The house and car and groceries don’t just pay for themselves.” And you’d be right. When I speak of a “lack of obligation”, I don’t mean it in a literal way. Rather, it’s all in our mindset.

When we approach life from a place that it is happening for us, rather than to us, we open ourselves up to receiving all that it has to offer and wants to give to us. If we desire more energy, it will bless us with it. Energy is, after all infinite. It exists all around us as well as within us.

We are beings of energy, but when we engage in “stinkin’ thinkin'” (aka negative thought), we brace ourselves against receiving the good that is possible. We attract what we focus on. If we focus on all the things wrong in our life, we’ll attract more of that.

It also goes back to what I mused on the other day in Creating Through Choice. If we tell the Universe that we’re “always tired” or we have “too much to do”, it replies, “okay” and makes it so.

“But I can’t say that I have ample amounts of energy, if I don’t. It would be a lie.”

Well, yes, that would be true. At least at first.

There’s a saying “fake it to make it”. I’m not saying to delude yourself, but if you have moments where you do have more energy than others, then focus more on that particular moment. Make a conscious point to feel gratitude for it. By doing this, we’re signaling to the Universe, “yes! More of this, please!” You change the momentum.

Here is Esther Hicks channeling Abraham on the topic of momentum and how you can change it in your own life.

Back to energy… We can continue to view energy as “finite” and “expensive” in our world and in ourselves or we can change the momentum of our belief in a more expansive direction. It really is our choice to make.

Until next time, dear friend, may you be filled with unprecedented stores of physical and creative energy.


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