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We are creator beings. In other words, as sparks of the Divine –
“chips off the old block”, I guess you could say – we have the ability to create aspects of our life through the choices we make. It is even possible that we create the entirety of our lives, consciously or unconsciously, via our thoughts and emotions.

This, I have fully believed to be true for many years.

Just a Silly Kid

When I was still a young adult, I recall a time when I created my own reality. Back then, I knew it as a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. At least that was what my mom had always called it.

It wasn’t too long after breaking up with the guy I’d been dating around that time. The wounds were still rather tender and in a moment (or possibly two) of weakness, I remember thinking, “well, I wonder what would he do if I got into a car accident?”

As I look back with the eyes of an older and (I hope) wiser woman, I think upon it and how silly that young girl seemed to think such a notion. But, it was thought and felt with such genuine heartache (or maybe, it was just broken pride). Regardless of its root, I believe that the emotion was strong enough to manifest it.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Some time later, though I don’t recall how long, I was driving my best friend home when a car turned left in front of me. Traffic was rather heavy at the time, so I had nowhere to go, and without enough time to stop, I couldn’t do anything but hit the other car.

My very first lesson in manifestation had occurred.

Want to know what made the situation even more ironic? The driver of the other car was… a teacher.

But, I would later discover that Spirit was looking out for us, even as it served up a difficult lesson. A police officer had witnessed the whole incident, was quickly on the scene and promptly called the paramedics, which had been a consolation prize in and of themselves.

One of them, as I recall, was quite good looking, and once I was settled in the ER, he and his partner came to check on me before leaving the hospital. For a young female adult, that was a bright light in an otherwise challenging situation.

Early Morning Epiphany

Most mornings, I start my day by doing an oracle reading for myself before taking some time to reflect and journal on the messages offered. This morning was no different. As I did so, though, I had a bit of an epiphany.

What I’d seen in my mind’s eye was what I determined symbolized Spirit or the Universe darting around obstacles, playing. The corresponding message was “The Universe is always playing with us.” With the main game we play being akin to a game of “pretend” when we were kids.

We said or say to the Universe, “let’s pretend that I believe I’m small, insignificant, and powerless.” To which the Universe replies, “okay”. Then, it plays along until we decide we want to change the game or stop it altogether.

We (each of us) decides in any given moment who we want to “pretend” to be.

I say “pretend” because this body is not even who we inherently are. As I mentioned earlier, we are sparks of the Divine. Souls inhabiting these vessels of flesh. So, this life we are living – in and of itself – is one big game of “pretend”.

Choose Your Role

Each of us has many different roles that we “pretend” at.

“I want to pretend to be a human.”

“A mother.”

“A wife.”

Some of the roles we play, we have chosen. Others, are the result of programming. And, in some cases, that programming tells us the roles we “can’t play” because of our gender, ethnicity, socio-economic standing, etc.

But – and this is something I pondered on much of the morning today – what if it really was as easy as getting up in the morning and saying, “Hey, Universe! Today, let’s ‘pretend’ that I AM a prolific writer.” Or “author”. Or “let’s pretend that I AM actually a creator of my reality.” Or “let’s pretend… [insert intention here].”

What if it could be that easy? All we had to do was choose.

If you could “pretend” to be anything that you wanted to be, what would you choose?

Until next time, dear friend, may all your choices be for your highest and best good!


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