Seraphs Quill

Seraph’s Quill is an outlet for Dawna’s sharings as she “walks” her “talk” and pursues a life filled with joy and magic. It is her hope, that through these sharings, she will let others on the path of spiritual and personal development know – no matter how lonely it may sometimes seem – they are NOT alone.

Meeting Change with Less Resistance

I came across this image…


Autumn Blessings: Reflection and Transformation

Autumn is upon us… Well, apparently, Missouri is a little late in getting the memo. The temps have remained…


Self Care: Pressing the ESC Button

Time for a Bit of Self Care! Today is a challenging day. On many levels. That is not to say…


Beyond Ourselves: Our Growing Beloved Community

Most recently, I began to attend services with my local UU (Unitarian Universalist) Fellowship again. It had been quite some…