“The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.” ~ Hippie Peace Freaks, Facebook

About Seraph’s Quill:

Seraph’s Quill
is an outlet for Dawna’s sharings as she “walks” her “talk” and pursues a life filled with joy and magic. It is her hope, that through these sharings, she will let others on the path of spiritual and personal development know – no matter how lonely it may sometimes seem – they are NOT alone.

About Dawna

Professionally, Dawna Kreis is an energy healer, intuitive, life coach and the Head Creative and Playologist at Creatively Zen. With 20 years of knowledge and experience in spiritual and personal development, she seeks to assist others in creating lives filled with magic and joy as well as teaching about the healing power of creative play.

Is her way the “only way”? Is her “answer” the “final answer” in spiritual or personal development?

Most certainly not!

Everyone’s journey is individualistic. Over time, the path we tread may be similar in some ways and vary greatly in others. We all come from many different places, many different situations, and where each of us is headed is just as different, but many of the emotions we experience along the way are the same.

Take what resonates with you and integrate it in a way that feels right for you, but feel free to leave what does not.


Personally, Dawna is a 40-something mom to 3 beautiful children. Her eldest (BB) is 25, her eldest daughter (PB) is 22, and her youngest (LB) is 12.

She’s even a nana! LM will be 4 this year.

Married to DH for almost 30 years now, she and her family spent most of that time as a military family. Fortunately for them, DH retired in 2013 and have spent much of the time since re-learning how to function as a civilian family again.


Her interests include reading, writing, photography, crocheing, crafting, and mixed media art.