Path to Realization: We’re All In This Together

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Some call it “enlightenment”, while I’ve heard others call it “realization”. To me, the latter seems a better description.

This path that many of us are on is a journey to “realize” our higher, best Self, that self that exists beyond this realm and cannot die. Yet, there is no destination nor level that we need to “reach”.

Hierarchy, levels of attainment, are nothing more than the need of the human ego to categorize and somehow feel superior to another.

We are all – every one of us – teachers and students. Each of us has things that we can still learn as well as teach one another.

To my way of thinking, the greatest deciding factor that determines a person’s level of spiritual “achievement” or “realization” is not how many pieces of paper they have to their credit or even how long they’ve been on their path. Rather, it reflects in the amount of time it takes them to “return to center”.

“I am Spiritual”. Cue the Rainbows and Roses.

The moment we claim ourselves to be “spiritual” does not mean the Universe suddenly falls into perfect order. Our lives is not all about peace, love, rainbows and roses. As much as we’d like it to, the day-in-day-out B.S. does not stop simply because we are now “spiritual”. No, life – as we have come to know it – does go on.

We still have to deal with “death and taxes”. We still have relationships with a myriad of souls, and we still have to deal with their egos as well as our own.

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And we still have our moments where we slip and fall, but what I believe determines our “spiritual prowess” is how long it takes us to get back up, dust ourselves off, and begin to move “forward” again.

Even then, I don’t believe there is a need to further separate ourselves from one another by the time it takes each of us to accomplish that as some have the wont to do.

We’re All In This Together

This reminds me of a story that I recently heard from a friend of mine. Unfortunately, I cannot remember whether it was a story that was of an experience she, herself, had or one that she was passing along, but it occurred this past holiday season.

The storyteller was in a retail store. It was crowded and tempers were short as is unfortunately common for that time of year. As she told it, she accidentally stepped on the foot of a gentleman near her. Naturally, she apologized, but his reply really took her and me by surprise.

What he said was, “it’s okay. We’re all in this together.”

Wow! The profundity of that response just amazes me.

If it were me and I was in the same position, I don’t know that I would have been so “zen” in my response.

But, really? If one thinks about it, that statement can extend far beyond that particular situation.

We are ALL in this together.

This lifetime. We’re all in this together too.

We Are Never Alone

Each one of us, as a spiritual being, made the conscious decision to come to Earth at this point in time, to live a life that can, at times, be much more complicated than in eras past, and with little to no recall of who or what we are or have been.

We came here as an individual being, separated from all that is, but we did not do so alone.

We are never alone, though it often seems to be the case.

We have spirit helpers that most of us cannot see with human eyes, but we also have each other.

Those individuals who are in our life are not there by happenstance nor are those who we run into throughout our day. We Know each and every one of them. Our spirits are related in one way or another. Some we have lived with and others we have loved.

This life that we live, this path that we are on, it is one that will return each of us to who we truly are, either through “embodied realization” or  death, but even those two things are not our “final destination”. There is so much to experience in this vast Universe as well as those beyond that we simply cannot do so in a single lifetime, nor would we even want to.

But one thing is for certain. We will not do so alone. After all, we’re all in this together.

Until next time, my dear friend, may peace be yours.


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