Holding Onto Our Hats: Flowing With the Shifts

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Here we are, two weeks into the new year, and… OMG!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR shifts. In other words, a good deal of SHIFT. (Yes, that’s an acceptable word for it, right? Certainly not the word I was thinking though.)

This is a Universal 3 year, which – given what I’ve learned from the lovely and oh-so-intuitive Stefanina – is a year for truth and authenticity, a time when things that aren’t authentic or aren’t in-line with our Truth comes out into the open. A time ripe for upheaval.

We can use some of that with regard to what has become our social “norms”, right?


But, it doesn’t just stop there. The shift can also be found in our individual lives, and where it shows up really depends on our own Personal Year Number. (Here’s another good source to find out what a personal year number is and how to find out what yours is – Creative Numerology.)

Hold on to your hats! This could very well be a bumpy ride.

“The universe is changing – as the planets move and come to different places, there will be a lot of tension in our lives. It’s all right. You just have to push yourself and let your wings take flight. There is a great journey that lies ahead and a bit of stress is expected. Just don’t let it conquer you.

Conscious Reminder

Conscious Reminder goes on to say that this is going to be “a new time for learning”.

I can definitely see that already, but what I’m noticing a lot more of as of late are the “newly awakened”.

I’m seeing more new people in the spiritual circles I frequent, people who are fortunately open minded and willing to consider the things that we, who have been “awake” for some time now present to them. But, still, they’re left with a WTF?? expression on their faces. Not so much about what we share, but I believe they’re still trying to process what it is occurring to them.

Social conditioning rarely, if ever, prepares us for what we find beyond Mass Consciousness, or as Conscious Reminder calls it “the herd-based thoughts that are fed to us”.

I don’t know about you, but I still remember when I first began to “wake up”. I thought I was going crazy! And I was raised by a very psychically gifted mom, who knew what was what (even if we weren’t allowed to talk about such things in front of my dad because they made him nervous).

I don’t know… Maybe it was that attitude, the need to be so hush, hush about things of a spiritual/New Age/etc nature that caused me to feel I was going crazy. I mean, it was what I now believe was a channeled message with regard to a character that I was working on that caused me to take my first steps on the spiritual path.

The character’s grandmother adhered to “the Old Ways”.

At the time, I had absolutely no idea what the Old Ways even were. I did end up considering myself to be a witch shortly there after, though.

That label has changed many, may times over the years. Now? I’m just a spiritual being having a physical experience.

But, yes, I’m already feeling the tension that Conscious Reminder mentioned.

The month or two leading up to the New Year… Phew! I was feeling it even then. And the past couple of weeks after… It’s been difficult to catch my breath. So, I can only imagine what it must be like for those who are waking up to – essentially – a new world without having yet accumulated tools to help them navigate it. Even I’m consulting with my “peeps” – here in the physical realm and those beyond – to deal.

Some of the things suggested by Conscious Reminder (and me!):

Be in the Now-  (Not sure what this means or how to accomplish it? I highly suggest the work of Eckhart Tolle. I found his book, The Power of Now, to be very helpful on my own journey.)

In the face paced life that many of us lead, it is really quite difficult to remain in the now. Our minds, which are so highly valued these days (as opposed to the “intellect” of the Heart), will quickly transport us to one of two places: the past or the future.

How can you tell you’re not in the now? If you’re experiencing sadness, it’s very likely you’ve been transported to the past, and if you’re experiencing anxiety? Well, you’ve probably taken an unhappy little trip to the future. Only… it’s your mind’s perception of the future, which more than likely is false.

So, how does one return to the present? To the now? By using your senses – really using them – to fully experience where you are at in the moment.

Being in the Now, equates – at least to my way of thinking – to living a fully sensual life.

No, I’m not talking sensuality as in boom-chica-wow-wow, “let’s get it on”. I’m talking sensual as in making every one of your senses work for you.

Really smell that rose, that loaf of freshly baked bread, those fresh out of the dryer sheets.

Really listen to and hear that baby laugh, that soul-stirring music (which reminds me… I’ll share something special with you at the end of this post.)

Really feel how cold that snow is, how warm that tub of water you’re about to get in is, how soft that rose petal is.

Really stop to see…. Really take notice of every detail in the beauty of the world around you.

And taste… When was the last time you really stopped to taste your food?

It seems as though people are so wrapped up in their digital worlds (their phones, their computers, their tvs, etc) that they/we don’t stop to really taste and enjoy our food.

It’s an amazing and awe-inspiring world in which we live, but so often we’re disconnected from it because we’re so in our heads, thinking of this thing or that thing. How often do we stop to truly enjoy the miracle that it and we are?

Conscious Reminder also mentioned connecting with ourselves as a tool to get through the challenging times (and to enjoy the good ones), but it looks like that will just have to be another topic for another time.

BUT… before I go… Here’s the soul-stirring music I promised, and as you listen to it, really feel into it. It is such a beautiful piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have (every time I’ve listened to it).

Until next time, my dear friend, may you be well!



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