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Path to Realization: We’re All In This Together

Some call it “enlightenment”, while I’ve heard others call it “realization”. To me, the latter seems a better description. This path that many of us are on is a journey to “realize” our higher, best Self, that self that exists beyond this realm and cannot die. Yet, there is...
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Standing In the Vortex, In Alignment with Source Energy

A Happy Hump Day to you! How are things going in your neck of the woods this week? Things have been pretty busy around here. A good busy, but busy, none the less. You know, it’s funny, in an amusing sort of way. I’ve been consciously on the “spiritual...
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Not Every Day Is A Good One When You’re “Spiritual”

When one is “spiritual”, there is a common misconception that everything is sunshine and rainbows. This idea is illustrated in Sonia Choquette’s new book,¬†Waking Up In Paris,¬†which (surprise!) I started reading this morning. (Isn’t synchronicity a fabulous thing?!) “As a spiritual teacher and intuitive guide for the majority of...
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