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Change and Upheaval: Challenges for an Empath

It is said by some sources that the number of empaths that exist globally is a relatively small percentage, but I have noticed the further I progress on my journey the more people I run into, who possess the traits associated with being an empath....
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The Bumpy Road: Our Spiritual Journey

“The road to becoming more spiritual is a messy one. A bumpy one. One full of roadblocks. But the journey is beautiful and the landscape is breathtaking.” ~ Ashley Strong, Deus Nexus The energy I feel around me is very heavy right now. In some ways, it feels almost...
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Acupuncture and the Weekly Oracle

Happy Friday to you, again, my friend! I don’t know about you, but – in many ways – this week just seemed to fly by. But it was a VERY good one for which I’m most grateful. Any time that I get to spend with like-minded individuals is a time I’m...
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