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The Not-So-Extraordinary: Day 5 of 28

After an extraordinarily lazy and relaxing weekend with the family, we have returned to the realm of the work-a-day week, and with it has come a couple of days that just seem to be lacking in the “extraordinary”. Yesterday felt almost flat and some ways, lifeless. Today has started...
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Authenticity: Come. Come, And Wear Your Bunny Suit!

Yesterday morning, as I went through my inbox over coffee, I happened to come across a post published on my one life. today entitled Ordinary and as I read it, I could hear a little voice inside me screaming, “YES! THAT!” Needless to say, I could very closely relate to what the author...
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100 Days (Creative) Project: Day #1

Today was “supposed” to be a fairly quiet day. In all actuality? Not so much. I did want to pop on really quickly, though, and share something that I started yesterday. Now, those of you who have known me for quite awhile, I know that I love to be creative!...
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