The War Against Our Self

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This morning, I’ve had my first free moments to sit down and read Jeff Brown’s new book, Grounded Spirituality that was released yesterday. I’m still in the preface, and already I’m IN LOVE with it!

One thing I read made my Heart scream “yes! That’s it! Me, too!”

“I understand why so many of us check out of this world – it’s so severely painful – but I also know that we are remarkable beings, treasure chest of sacred possibility, hopeful and brave. The day that I give up on us, is the day I stop writing. I’m not giving up anytime soon.” ~Jeff Brown, Grounded Spirituality


Going Where We Fear to Tread

Not too long ago I created Creatively Zen. It was my desire to assist others to learn the healing power of play, and that is still my intention. But in the short time I’ve been interacting with others through my budding business, I’ve realized something. And, it’s something that Jeff Brown speaks about in Grounded Spirituality and something that I spoke about yesterday’s post, Heavy Energy: In the Trenches.

There are many who adopt a “spiritual” way of being in their search for healing, but many of those individuals seek that healing from outside their self. While all we need is truly found within, including healing. The Journey is tread within – a place so many of us fear to go.

We Are Not Good Enough

Marisa Peer, world renowned hypnotherapist, has said it: the biggest disease facing humanity is the belief that we’re not good enough. And I have come to believe that is the truth. From the time we’re small, we’re told by well-meaning adults in our lives and, then, the world at large, that we’re not “good enough”. We’re told this so often that we come to internalize it, and many times, as a result, we attack ourselves for it.

The War Against Our Self

“And, at the same time, we are at war with ourselves. It’s a nasty, insidious war, one that has left few of us unscathed. Somewhere along the way, many of us became separated from our authentic humanness. We became fractured, adrift, severed from what is real. We moved further and further away from the inner wells that nourish us. Our self-alienation is now bleeding out everywhere we look, showing up in the forms of: misplaced aggression, meaningless materialism, psychotropic drug dependency, a perpetual dishonoring of the Divine Feminine, a lack of reverence for the earth that breathes us, and a blatant disregard for those humans we share a planet with. As brilliantly as we have excelled and evolved on a technological and virtual level, many of us are still at war with our humanness. We are still not at home in our own sacred skin.” ~ Jeff Brown, Grounded Spirituality


And our body is often the victim of the war we wage. As an energetic healer, I am highly aware of this and see it in so many people. Because we consider ourselves a “spiritual” or a “good” person, we would not consider striking out against another. Our values wouldn’t allow it. So, instead – whether consciously or not – we strike out against our physical self.

Our Weapons of Choice

The main “weapons” we choose are those that attack or eat away at our physical being. Fibromyalgia, lupus, and, even, cancer are conditions that first come to mind, but I don’t believe it stops there. We are energetic beings. Everything that surrounds us is energy, including our thoughts and emotions. These will negatively manifest in our bodies, if we are not careful. But, they are not limited to our inner body. Our thoughts and emotions can manifest into situations as well.

A Not So Accidental Accident

Back in my late teens, long before I had an inkling of the creative power of our thoughts, I got into a car “accident”. An older gentleman, who happened to be a teacher, made a left turn in front of my car. He’d gotten “impatient” waiting for traffic. Given the lateness of his turn, and the fact that I had other cars around me, I couldn’t miss him. Now, not too long before that, I’d broken up with my boyfriend at the time. Being the dramatic teen that I could sometimes be, I remember thinking – with more than just a bit of emotion behind the thought – “I wonder what he would do, if I got into a car accident.” The Universe replied, “that’s an interesting question! Let’s find out!” There had been Universal forces behind it. I know this because it happened in plain sight of a police officer, who got an ambulance and paramedics to me and my best friend quickly. Not to mention… no one was really hurt. And the ex-boyfriend? Nothing was heard from him, but the Universe was “kind enough” to play along.

What’s Your Point?

My point is… We are not always aware of our thoughts, even if we are aware of the creative power each of us possesses. As such, there are scenarios that play out in our lives – simulations, if you will – that we co-create with the Universe. “What if this or that happened?” we ask Spirit, consciously or unconsciously. Then, It replies, “Let’s find out!” They are teaching moments, and, in my case, it is rather ironic that the teacher literally appeared when I was “ready”.

Making Peace

Until we go within and make peace with all facets of our humanness – the good, the bad, and the ugly – we are never really going to make peace with it. And until we make peace with it, we are going to continue to be at war with it. And nothing has or will come of that.

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