Unearthing the Extraordinary: Day 1

So, here we are. Day 1 of the 28 Extraordinary Days “Challenge”. The question that occurred to me after a fitful night’s sleep myself is “how do we unearth the extraordinary, even on days when we are not at our best?”

As you may recall from yesterday’s post, as children we are inherently able to see the extraordinary in nearly everything. After all, everything is still new and amazing to us. The older we get, though, the more we become accustomed to the “extraordinary”, which relegates it to being only “ordinary”.


It is my belief in order to return to a place where everything is “extraordinary”, we must first allow ourselves to feel and express gratitude for the ordinary.

On days when we aren’t at our best, things can appear and feel gray, almost lifeless. We’re less than enthusiastic about facing things that we may have relished the day before.

I get it. Because I awoke feeling the same way this morning.

So… Gratitude. What do I have to be grateful for this morning?

Be In the Now

The first step is to be in the NOW. If I start thinking about all the things that I “have” to remember and do today… Well, that might lead me down a path where I might not feel that much gratitude, especially given that all I really desire to do is go back to bed for some better hours of sleep.

But, in the NOW… I’m grateful that I woke up at all, and since I’ve made my “rounds” this morning, my loved ones here have awoken as well. If one of us hadn’t… That would have been a truly sucky start to an already challenging morning.

Now, that I’ve started my list, I will add a few more. (5 points of gratitude always seems like a good number to me.)

Modern Conveniences

I’m grateful that I have a dishwasher, or I would have woken up to a sink full of dirty dishes. We forgot to run it last night, but it’s okay. I just started it up this morning, and voila! We’ll have clean ones shortly.

Sure, we could wash them by hand. We’ve done it in the past, but I’m so grateful for the modern convenience the dishwasher provides.

All modern conveniences were once considered “extraordinary” at one time or another. Think of the World’s Fairs and the houses of the “future”. After they became a part of our everyday lives, though, they became “ordinary”.


I AM grateful for my furbabies.

This morning, I took a seat on the floor to draw my oracle cards just as I do every morning. I closed my eyes for a few moments in an attempt to ground. When I opened them, there was one of my furbabies, ready to say “good morning” and receive her morning-time pets. It made me smile because my furbabies are so in-tune with me, and I them. We know when the other is “off”.

There is something “extraordinary” about being so so in-tune with another creature, whether animal or human, that you both just “know” when the other isn’t up to par.

But, our “furbabies” weren’t always domesticated. They are descendants of wild animals, yes, but in some respects… for those of us who have “rescues”… You know how miraculous getting them to trust you can sometimes be.


I AM grateful for the freedom to follow my Heart. Particularly where my line of work is concerned.

Today, I work because I choose to. It gives me personal satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment. That was not always the case.

Some years ago, after decades of being a stay-at-home mom and military spouse, I returned to the workforce. Because my employment history was so many years in the past, I found I could not be choosy in where I worked, and ended up working for a big “box store” as they call it.

It started out well, but after a time… Not so much, and, therefore, became a thankless, soul-sucking pursuit. (Even then, I’m grateful. I had a job where others did not or were unable to work.)

Now, though, I’m truly grateful that I am able to choose what I do for a living, that I get to be my own boss, and am able to help others in the process.

The Longest Journey

One thing that I’ve learned from my dear soul sister, Mona Lee (of Beautiful Mind) is something that her grandfather taught her.

The longest and most difficult journey is the one which we make from our head to our heart.

I’m probably paraphrasing there, but no matter how you put it, it is still quite true.

Living a life in which everything is extraordinary or magical truly is all about getting out of our head and back into our heart.

And that, I guess, is what this month’s challenge really boils down to.

Until next time, my dear friend… May you and yours be well.


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