The Not-So-Extraordinary: Day 5 of 28

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After an extraordinarily lazy and relaxing weekend with the family, we have returned to the realm of the work-a-day week, and with it has come a couple of days that just seem to be lacking in the “extraordinary”. Yesterday felt almost flat and some ways, lifeless. Today has started off feeling much the same way.

Does that mean that they’re not extraordinary or filled with magic in any sense of the word?

One might think that, but I know, beyond all doubts, that the magic – the potential for miracles – is still there, I’m just not flowing through with what has become my normal Awareness. I’m too focused on the lackluster aspects. At least I know this. At least I AM Aware.

And, when I do stop to ponder on it further, I can sense it.

The magic is there, just waiting for me to take notice and call it into action.

Because, you see, we are the magic makers, the miracle workers in our own lives. The energy is there, just waiting for us to “command” it, but in order to do so, we must first wake up and become Aware of its presence in the moment.

I’m working on it.

I’m working to recall my passion, regain my confidence.

Not Sticking to “the Plan”

See, things are not going “according to plan”. Perhaps, it is going according to Universal plan, the plan of Spirit, but my human-self (Ego) just sees that it is “another in a long string of failures, spanning a decade (at least)”. It “sees it in the faces” of those nearest and dearest to us.

If I continued to tread that path, I know I could spiral down into a deep, dark abyss and lose all hope of ever reaching my goals. Instead, I am simply reminding myself that the “others” are only mirrors, reflecting back that which exists within me.

They don’t seem to have confidence in what I’m doing because I have lost confidence in myself.

The Path Less Traveled

The guidance I’ve been receiving has been telling me “stand strong, stay the course” and that what I’m attempting to build is along “the path less traveled”. It’s “too different”.

Creativity. Play. One’s Inner Child.

These things – where the majority of our society is concerned – are “frivolous”. They have “no value”, and, perhaps, that’s where the problem lies.

It’s probably why the majority don’t recognize that there is a “problem”.

These things originate in the Heart, and we are a society that values the “rational”, the “logical”, the intellect, over anything that our Heart or Intuition has to offer.

Heeding Guidance

My Heart, my Intuition tells me that this is something greatly needed, and so I will heed the guidance I’ve received.

Will the masses ever bust my door down to get at what I have to offer?

Probably not, but if I can make a difference in the lives of even a handful of people?

I’ll consider my efforts “worth it”, and that, in and of itself, is “extraordinary”.

Until next time, my dear friend, my your reality be extraordinary.


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