Facing Challenges with Love

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Facing Challenges with Love

I and those nearest and dearest to me have continued to be challenged as of late. We’re plugging along, but I have referred back to the post I shared with you from Simone Matthews. (In case you missed it, here’s the link for that again. 2019: Universal ‘3’ in Numerology)

One thing she mentioned is aligning our “mind, body, and soul in the direction of LOVE”, to “become “a source of possibility in your life”.

That is what I’m seeking to do.

Each morning I do an oracle draw. This morning, one of the cards I drew was the Eagle from Kyle Gray’s Angels and Ancestors Deck.  Since I bought the deck, it has quickly become my favorite.

One of the things that stuck out in its message for me was that the Eagle “brings the energy of healing and love directly from the heart of Father Sky and invites you to do all things from a place of love.”

Love. I guess that’s the “theme” I’m meant to focus on today.

This was the message I received from the 2019 Louis Hay Desk Calendar:

And, if that was not enough to convince me…

I decided that I would do something “easy” today and share an affirmation from Louise Hay’s book Heart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom and this is what I intuitively turned to:

My love is limitless

“We have so much love in this world, and we have so much love in our hearts, and sometimes we forget. Sometimes we think there isn’t enough or there is just a small amount. So we hoard what we have or we are afraid to let it go. We are afraid to let it out. But those of us who are willing to learn, realize that the more love we allow to flow out from us, the more there is within us and the more we receive. It is endless and timeless. Love is really the most powerful healing force that there is. Without love we could not survive at all. If little tiny babies are not given love and affection, they wither and die. Most of us think we can survive without love, but we cannot. Love for ourselves is the power that heals us. Practice as much as you can.” Pg 145, Heart Thoughts by Louise Hay

And I shall leave those thoughts with you today, my friend. Go forth and LOVE because the world is in desperate need of more of it.

Until next time… May you be well.


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