Change and Upheaval: Challenges for an Empath

2019 – in some ways – has gotten off to a rocky start. In others, well, it’s been awesome!

My numerological forecast for the year is that of the 6. (Yes, I’m one of those “woo-woo” sorts of people.) And according to Christine DeLorey of Creative Numerology, whom I’ve been following for a number of years now, describes the 6 year as such:

THE 6 YEAR is a time to re-invent yourself -a journey of responsibility, relationship, balance, love, and healing.

Christine DeLorey, Creative Numerology

Really? Where those themes are concerned? 2019 has come in with a BANG!

I won’t go deep into details. There would be no purpose served by doing so.

Suffice to say that there are A LOT of changes taking place where relationships are concerned. The healing? Well, that will come in their wake. In time.

Source of Image Unknown

The holidays typically bring with them a sense of unrest. That, at least has been my experience.

– The kids get out of school for an extended period of time.

– Some holidays, we – like many other families – travel, which brings with it a sense of unrest in and of itself.

This year, Dh has been away from home on a couple of occasions. Both instances have brought with it their own brand of upheaval – for our youngest daughter and I as well as him.

That does not even take into consideration all the texts and calls that proceeded those trips.

I think the biggest bit of stress for me has been – as an empath – experiencing Dh’s stress and anxiety as my own.

But, the death of a parent will have that effect on one.

And, for better or worse, it’s for that reason I chose to stay home this last trip.

Experiencing those emotions – of someone so close to me – was difficult enough. Especially when drug out over the course of months, but to experience the myriad of emotions associated with a much larger group of people during such a situation…

The last time I participated in one, it left me physically ill.

I just couldn’t do it this time.

It is said by some sources that the number of empaths that exist globally is a relatively small percentage, but I have noticed the further I progress on my journey the more people I run into, who possess the traits associated with being an empath.

Am I simply beginning to draw them to me? Or is it as some say? That as an individual develops spiritually, he/she becomes more aware of “external” energies, becomes more connected with the “collective”?

I really don’t have the answer, but it is nice to know that more and more people are beginning to “get” it.

And those who are beginning to discover this about themselves won’t feel alone or crazy as they search for their answers as I did.

There are SO many resources and “coaches” out there these days that it won’t take one decades to get a handle on their abilities, so they can thrive and treat them as the gift that they are almost “out of the gate”.

Are you an empath? Would you say you’re in the “it’s a gift!” or “it’s a curse!” camp? I truly would love to connect with you either way. There may be a lot more of us popping up these days, but we are still a small minority and there are so many who do not understand. We need to stick together!

I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, my dear friend…

Be well!


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