28 Extraordinary Days

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‘We are in the ten days of awe in the Jewish high holidays,’ the speaker said. ‘And in the ten days of awe, we remember that that first time we see some thing extraordinary, we call it a miracle, but when we see it over and over and over again, we just call it ordinary.’

Patti Digh, Creative Is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative

I read those words in Patti Digh’s book most recently, and they’ve stuck with me ever since because it is SO true. When things happen often in our lives, or we see them every day, they become “common”, ordinary, but at one time – when we first saw it – it was “miraculous”.

Take the automobile, for instance. Those were miraculous at one time. Now? Not so much.

The airplane? Same.

And don’t get me started on computers and cell phones. I remember when they weren’t a thing!

When we take notice of things in our lives… I mean really take notice of the “man behind the curtain” workings of life, everything can seem like a miracle.

Take for instance the morning I’ve had thus far today.

I took my daughter to school this morning, just as I do any other school day. We were running late, and while I was slightly irked, I wasn’t terribly so. As we were driving, we came across an accident, and that’s when I realized that there was a reason for our running late.

The accident was in the lane that I always travel in, and, judging from the position of the two cars, if we had been “on-time”, I could have very well been the car that t-boned the other.

Is this “the truth”? I cannot say, but it’s a BIG possibility, which – in my book – is enough.

The Logical Brain

As humans we seem to need everything to fit into its own small box. Our lives? Are made up of a multitude of boxes. If something doesn’t fit into one already created, we make up another. It’s how our logical brains feel most comfortable. It is how extraordinary things are reduced to being common place.

What if we ditched our need to explain everything? What if we stopped to see everything as extraordinary? Because it is!

28 Extraordinary Days

It is said that it takes 21 days to build a habit. February gives us that and some change (pun only slightly intended). So, I propose that this month – one that is known for love – we seek to form the habit of being in love with LIFE again.

Each day this month, I challenge you to be aware of the many moments that take place in your life and seek out the extraordinary, the miraculous, the “man-behind-the-curtain” moments. Because they are there. We just have to become AWARE of them.

Join the Movement. BE the Movement.

As we go through the month, I invite you to share your extraordinary moments with me and others. You can tag Seraph’s Quill or Creatively Zen (or both!) on Social Media and use the hashtag #28ExtraordinaryDays.

Let’s start a movement! Let’s BE the movement toward creating a world where EVERYTHING is extraordinary and the miracle that it is.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a better place to live than one in which everything is commonplace and taken for granted.

Until next time, my dear friend… May you live an extraordinary life!


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