Month: November 2018

Sisterhood: Embracing and Expanding the Circle

Being a member of a supportive and nurturing group of women – or Sisterhood – is a fairly new concept to me. sis·ter·hood noun the relationship between sisters. an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade. Growing up the only child in...
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True Passion: Feeding, Rather Than Depleting

I have integrated a great deal of “wisdom”, I believe, the past few days with regard to energy. OH! For certain, I have known a great deal about it for many, many years now. But, we can know things, but really not KNOW things or even how it applies to...
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True Moments: Writing Our Story

My voice. Finding it, listening to it, and keeping a hold on it. These are things that I’ve struggled with all my life. As a child, I had a mother that was very vocal. Sometimes explosively so and so much so, that my own was drowned out or I simply...
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